Mission & Vision






-          To have well-defined objectives and carry out international qualified course program,

-          To teach and research by current techniques at national and international level in modern laboratories and classrooms and a modern library,

-          To be loyal to  the principle of academic freedom,

-          To generate new research projects and to support work on project, to ensure development of the academic life and research,

-          To be able to cooperate with biotechnology industry and other relevant organizations,

-          Also, to introduce department to public and help formation of public opinion. 




-          To create a teaching staff that, has the high scientific quality, respect for academic and scientific ethics, encourages students  to research,  

-          To create a teaching staff  that is at peace with themselves, cooperative, capabele of scientific research at international level, creative thinking and self improvment,

-          To establish a strong connection between students and academic staff.




-          To provide an education at international standards for students in fields of molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology at the undergraduate level,

-          To prepare the students to take part in relevant industries and academic institutions,

-          To give students the ethical values, to provide students opportunity to personal change and ensure that students increase their self-confidence and acquire the ability to improve themselves, to introduce and popularize scientific thinking for students and to suppot their innovative aspects allowing scientific freedom.

-          To make students feel that they are a part of science, to support them in research projects and encourage for collaboration.

-           To introduce the sectors, where they can have a job, to students.




-          To research in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology at the international level in post-graduate education.

-          To increase the number of publications which in SCI.

-          To educate students who are capable of generating a project and obtaining patents,

-          To organize scientific meetings with students and academic staff,  to organize congresses, seminars in order to keep their scientific actions alive.




-          To give  molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology education with international standards,

-          Being one of the leading research department in these areas,

-          To gain accreditation by the international accreditation institues.